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This website is dedicated to people who have lost it all in a wildfire and the good folks who want to help them – friends, family, community leaders and support organizations. Along with 500 0ther families, we lost our home and my business in Colorado’s June 2013 Black Forest Wildfire. Over 14,000 acres burned. It was the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history. I hope others benefit from the tips and resources I post on this page. Please share the information. It’s all free. –Laura Benjamin

Black Forest Wildfire June 2013

Why I Created This Site. I couldn’t find much information available to help people after the fire. I found articles on how to mitigate, prepare and even evacuate, but not much about all the hard work that happens following the “big event”.

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Wildfire Survivor Tips Black Forest Wildfire June 2013

(Here’s what it looked like as the wildfire crept towards our home as seen over the rooftop of my brother’s business. Image by Jeff Schickler)